Sunday, February 3, 2013


The title of this blog means "We learn by teaching."  All teachers know this to be true.  You never learn a subject as well as when you must explain it to others.  This explains one of the methods of learning.  But what about its purpose?  How do we respond to the cynic who says knowing the date of the fall of Constantinople is irrelevant to the "21st Century Skills" students need to succeed in today's world?

My response is: Discimus ad docendum.  This addresses the fundamental need for knowledge in our culture and the need to transmit our culture, our heritage, and our wisdom to another generation.  In short, this means "We learn in order to teach."  Too many of us have abdicated the job of teaching to professionals.  To those with credentials.  To those with specialized degrees.  We forget that all of us are teachers.

Why should you learn?  To pass it on to others.  Your language is important.  Your history is important.  Your culture is important.  And algebra is important, too.  Learn it so that you can teach it.  You may not be a paid teacher, but for your children (one day?), for your neighbor, and for your family you should be ready to pass on what you have learned.

-Mr. K

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